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Advantages of Using Double-walled Glass over Regular Glass


There are many different types and shapes of double wall glass, such as double wall glass, mugs, jugs, bottles, goblets, pots, pans, colored items ......


1、What is the function of double wall glass?

Double-walled glass cups use the principle of double-layer structure, which enhances the comfort of the cup and also improves the insulation function of the glass. In addition to the humanized design, double-walled glass has a good aesthetic value. The transparent material combined with the two-layer structure almost sublimates drinking tea into a dynamic artistic act.


Many glass manufacturers produce double-layer ice buckets. Vacuum double-layer glasses are usually hand-blown. The double-layered glass provides thermal insulation and can also store ice cubes. During the blowing process, if the middle layer is not a vacuum, the outer layer of the glass has a venting hole. This is to vent the gas from the glass to prevent the glass from deforming and exploding. After the production is finished, the hole is sealed. So there is gas in the middle of the two layers.

Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug 

Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug

Double-walled Glass VS Ordinary Glass

1) Not easy to absorb other flavors

In the process of making double-walled glass glasses, due to the special fineness of the material, it does not have a strong ability to absorb other flavors. When drinking light tea, even if you have just drunk strong tea, you can not smell the taste of the previous strong tea.


2) Durable

In the process of making double glass mug, the double mug is specially made to be friction resistant due to the high hardness of the material. For those who have a dishwasher at home, the dishwasher can also be cleaned directly.  8 advantages of using double-layer glass over ordinary glasses


3) Good high borosilicate material

Double-layer glasses are stronger than regular glasses. The material used in double-layer glass is stronger, the glass is less likely to hang water during use, and it is easy to clean.  

Heat Resistant Double Wall Glass Cups

 Heat Resistant Double Wall Glass Cups

4) Not easy to crack

Double-layer glass has higher technical requirements than double-glass. Because of the higher technological requirements, double glass is not as easy to crack as single glass.

5) Unique appearance - high-end and elegant

Double-layer glass is made with a layer of glass inside and a layer outside, so it looks better than single-layer glass in terms of appearance and has a wider aesthetic value than single-layer glass.


6) Heat or cold resistant

They are made of high borosilicate glass, and the applicable temperature is -20°C~150°C. If you want to buy a glass for yourself, it is recommended to buy a double-layer glass. If there is boiling water inside the cup, double-layer glass will not be hot, if there is water. But a single-layer glass is too hot and easy to burn.


The double glass design greatly reduces the thermal conductivity of the cup, which can effectively play the role of heat insulation and scale prevention when used. Insulated glasses keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks warm while the outer surface always feels comfortable in your hands.


7) Food Safety

Double-layer glass is food-grade standard, can hold hot water, tea, carbonic acid, fruit acid and other beverages, resistant to acid corrosion. Suitable for drinking tea: green tea, black tea, pu-erh tea, floral tea, flower tea, fruit tea, etc. The soup color is visible to the eye. All these will greatly improve the quality of life.

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