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How to Choose a Heat-Resistant Cup?


Many people will feel that insulation cup can continue to stay warm, but in fact some tea (flower tea, lemon) acidic, long use back to corrode the stainless steel liner, but not good for the human body. Most glass cups can withstand high temperatures, cold brewed tea, hot tea, flower tea, green tea can hold, from the outside you can see the free stretching of each piece of tea, summer brewing a cup of tea, body and mind can be relaxed.

But the glass is also divided into good and bad quality, how to pick the right glass, high borosilicate glass supplier will explain how to pick the right glass for you.

What kind of cups are heat-resistant cups?

Heat-resistant glass is made of boric acid, silicic acid and other ingredients that can withstand high temperatures, and after more than 1500 degrees of high-temperature dissolution, molding, slow cooling, testing and other complex production processes, so the cost is higher, high borosilicate glass is also a little more expensive than ordinary glass, in addition to high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness and other advantages, it is best to choose it when choosing utensils for children or the elderly.

Comparison of capacity

The capacity of the glass is generally national standard, roughly 260ml, 300ml, 360ml, 500ml as the boundary, tolerance range in ± 5%. When we choose the capacity of the cup, in addition to considering the subjective factors of people, should be more from the "tea" itself to consider.

High Borosilicate Glass

Small capacity

The height of the glass cup below 360ml is close to 80mm, with a small capacity, suitable for one person to drink tea, used to make stronger black tea, white tea, green tea, less water, not easy to dilute the flavor.

Large capacity

500ml or more glass is more like the large juice cups used in restaurants, suitable for making some more space-occupying flower tea, fruit tea, herbal tea, etc.. This kind of tea needs a lot of water to brew to stretch more open, the flavor can also be more released. In summer, the body is easy to emit moisture, large-capacity herbal tea cups are more suitable.

Heat resistance

The biggest concern with glass is safety, as cups with poor heat resistance are prone to cracking when exposed to high temperatures. Good heat resistance depends on whether it can withstand changes in the temperature difference between hot and cold fusion, so heat-resistant mugs are also very resistant to cold, not only into the oven, microwave oven, but also for a long time in the refrigerator cold use.

How to choose a heat-resistant cup?

Many people have a misconception when selecting a heat-resistant glass, think that the greater the thickness, the more heat-resistant, this is not the case. Judging whether a cup is heat-resistant, the most secure point is to see whether it has a heat-resistant mark, withstand temperature changes must be greater than 120 ℃, heat-resistant maximum temperature can reach 1200 ℃.

If you are still not sure, you can go home and test a few more times: put the glass into the refrigerator for 3 hours, and then put it directly into boiling hot water, repeated several times if no cracks and no changes can be safe to use.

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