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The Best Glass Coffee Cup, Mellow Visible


According to the description of an academic report published in the journal "Flavour", volunteers felt that the taste of coffee in a transparent coffee cup was sweeter than that of a white coffee cup. Science believes that people may associate brown or nearly dark colors with bitterness. The first author of the academic report is Dr. George Doorn from the Commonwealth University of Australia. He wrote in an article written at the request of The Conversation: "Our research clearly shows that the color of the coffee cup does affect people It affects the sense of taste and smell when drinking coffee."

Glass Coffee Cups

Not all coffee mugs have to be clunky pieces of ceramic that you bought as a souvenir or got for free at a company event. In fact, there are plenty of design-forward mugs out there. One of the most beloved varieties is the glass coffee mug, which gives you a crystal-clear view of your hot drink.

Yes, you can drink coffee or tea out of a glass mug. But it can’t be just any glass—make sure that any glassware you're using for hot liquids is borosilicate glass, which is stronger and can hold hot liquids without shattering. Another consideration when buying a glass mug is that they’re double-walled. This will help keep your beverage insulated, so it won't get cold too quickly. The rest really comes down to preference—every mug will be a slightly different size and style, so it depends entirely on how big a cup of joe you're pouring each morning.

You don't just have to use these for coffee, either. The beauty of a glass mug is that, unlike other, chintzier coffee mugs, you'll want to use them to hold other beverages too.

Glass Coffee Cups

Bout Borosilicate Glass Mugs

Borosilicate glass is well-known for its low rate of thermal expansion and less subject to thermal stress. When used as a glass container, it can withstand instant temperature change from -30 ℃ to 150℃. It is widely used on premium wineglass, thanks to its low dispersion and relatively low refractive indices.

HAND MADE - CLEAR DOUBLE WALLED GLASS - Perfect for coffee, tea, iced coffees and cold drinks.

The double layer glass insulates your drink keeping it hot or cold for longer.

TOP QUALITY DESIGNER GLASSWARE - Ultra clear glass coffee cups made of lead-free high quality borosilicate-glass, fridge safe.

PERFECT FOR HOT OR COLD DRINKS: The contemporary cups keeps the temperature of liquid hot or cold for a longer period of time while the outer glass wall remains comfortable to the touch.

All glass items can be mix ordered with tableware items. The above information is provided by the glass coffee mugs supplier.


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